For the first time buy FREE SATELLITE TV
decoders direct from the importer.

Real affordable free satellite TV decoders are now being imported in bulk to South Africa. STRONG TECHNOLOGIES finally managed to manufacture a feature rich, low cost FTA receiver that will satisfy the South African market.

Low cost, high quality, FTA satellite receivers that will satisfy the South African market was something not to be found easily. We had to find that manufacturing company with a good track record that is prepared to listen, act and deliver.

Importing for a number of years from STRONG TECHNOLOGIES, we have learned, trusted and grew with confidence with our African continent supplier in Dubai. The list of discontinued models on their website is evidence of their willingness for product research and development. They are leaders in supplying FREE TO AIR and PAY TV satellite receivers throughout Africa. A better partner could not be found to serve South Africa!

We have made it our mission to supply South Africans through STRONG TECHNOLOGIES with the right priced and quality receivers. Being the importer we could force the price down for everybody in South Africa to afford free satellite TV. Other FTA importers like any importer can dominate markets. Free satellite TV has been a passion for us for a number of years. We believe that this powerful medium that cannot be stopped entering our borders will be used to reach the masses in the future.

Free satellite channels are something South Africans never heard of. This used to be for hobbyists, a selected few who had the technical skills, inquisitiveness and money who could afford this expensive equipment. Some satellite shops do not even keep this type of equipment. Those shops who do keep FTA receivers are sometimes out date and most of the time very expensive.

Free to air satellite TV are very popular in Europe and only needs proper marketing in South Africa. The Panamsat 7/10 satellite @ 68.5 deg. east, our most popular bird, has the most FTA channels on small dish, called Ku-Band. It's commonly called the DSTV satellite by most South Africans. On Astra 4A @ 4.8 deg. east, a most northerly direction, also small dish, there are some free channels, mostly French. South Africans commonly call it the TopTV satellite.

If you really want to pick up lots of FTA Channels you need a C-Band dish. They are called "big dish" 1.8 meter and bigger. A good satellite to start with is Thaicom 5 @ 78.5 deg. east. Big dishes are called "prime focus" dishes. They are center focused with the LNB in the center of the dish. Small dishes are off set dishes where as the signals hits the dish at an angle.

Even the cheapest model from STRONG is Ku-Band, C-Band and satellite radio capable.

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